10 Most Expensive Horses Ever Sold In The World

10 Most Expensive Horses Ever Sold In The World

The lord of horse presents 10 most expensive horses ever sold in the world.


nine point seven million dollars one of the most expensive horses of all time was Jalil this racehorse was sired by storm-cat and was fouled in February 2004 Sheikh Mohammed bought Jalil for nine point seven million dollars on behalf of the NGO dolphin racing operation it's official racing career started in 2006 after being trained by Saeed bin Suroor in Europe its first race was at the age of 2 and after a short but successful career of two years till 2008 he was retired in 2011 it was imported by China to support the Thoroughbred industry.

 9-Snaafy dancer:

ten point two million dollars the first racehorse ever to be sold for a price above ten million dollars was the Snuffy dancer this stunning horse was sired by the famous Northern Dancer it was bred by Donald T Johnson it was auctioned at Canal land select sale in 1983 where Sheikh Mohammed's Austin up Thorpe stud won the auction and paid ten point two million dollars for the horse Snuffy was bought and trained as a racehorse at first but was soon found to be unfit for the job due to its slow pace in some fertility issues because of this it was retired in the same year at a farm in Florida.

 8-Meydan City

eleven point seven million dollars named after a development scheme in Dubai the Maidan city was bred at the JAF stables and was sold at the kennel in September sale in 2006 Sheikh Ahmed bin Muhammad Al Maktoum bought this horse for eleven point seven million dollars and sent it to Mubarak bin Sofia for training at the mark Lewis stable despite its high price Maidan didn't prove to be any luck for its owner as it was raced seven times and didn't win a single race it was further sold to Aston up thought stud in 2016 but still won no race.

 7-Seattle dancer

1.13 million dollars the most expensive racehorse of 1985 was the Seattle dancer this Irish thoroughbred racehorse was bred in Kentucky and was sold for a price of 13 point 1 million dollars in July 1985 at the Keeneland selected sale bought by a total of five owners it became the most expensive race horse of the year and won races like Colonial Stakes at Crewe and to rinse down stud Derby trails at leopards town it was considered to be an amazing breeding horse as it sired 37 stake race winners throughout its career it finally died in Ireland at an age of 23 from a heart attack.

 6-Palloubet d’halong

fifteen million dollars an exception to the rule of expensive resources the Pulu bet how long is the most skilled and most expensive showjumping horse in the world this amazing horse was recently sold to a Dutch Olympic medalist Yong tops for fifteen million dollars and it is definitely one of the most expensive horses of all time at first its purchase was thought to be personal but it was soon realized that it was bought to compete in the Qatar CSI to competition with I Youssef el room I as the rider.

 5-The green monkey

16 million dollars sired by two of the most famed horses of all time the green monkey was a descendant of both Northern Dancer and the Secretariat in 2006 it was sold at the physique temptin calendar sale for a price of 16 million dollars at a mere age of two he was professionally trained afterwards in debuted its racing career on September 15 2007 at the Belmont Park Race New York after competing in two races and finishing third and fourth respectively he was retired on February 12 2008 because of its failure to break the maiden.


19 million dollars definitely one of the most beautiful and gorgeous horses of all time is the Annihilator it was sired by wish me wings and is extremely famous for its beautiful dark color and its pace it was descended from the line of famous winners of the Meadowlands pace and the Little Brown Jug known as the night rose because of its pure bloodline and it's extraordinary presence this horse was further sold for 19 million dollars and is still used as a show horse.

 3-Moorelands Totila

21 million dollars nicknamed as toto this Dutch beauty was the record holder for over 90 points at a dressage contest for a long time it is the most expensive dressage horse ever sold in the world called as the rock star of the horse world Totti us is one of the most beautiful horses of all time as well it was found in 2000 it was bred by yong-chul and on a shul in Netherlands it started competing in the age of five and since then has won many competitions in 2010 they won three gold medals at the Fei World Equestrian Games and was later announced to be purchased by Paul Chaka small for twenty-one million dollars.

 2-Shareef dancer

 14 million dollars sired by the famous Northern Dancer and the marsh sweet alliance the Sharif dancer was only one year old when he was fouled he was bought was mocked oom bin rashid al maktoum in 1981 for 3.3 million dollars at the time he was further trained by Michael stout at Newmarket Suffolk and won two major races in the coming two years it was titled as the UK middle distance horse of the year in 1983 and was sold for a hefty price of 40 million dollars.

 1-Sachi Pegasus

17 million dollars the word who Sachi? is a combination of its owner's name who sow in the Japanese word Ichi mean one he was fouled in 1997 and was trained under the supervision of Neil Drysdale after its training it won the Kentucky Derby in 2000 instead second in the Preakness Stakes it was a very successful racehorse with earning of over 1 million nine hundred ninety four thousand four hundred dollars after its winnings it was sold to cool more stud for a mind-blowing price of seventy million dollars making it the most expensive horse of all time.

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