Feeding Your Horse care

Feeding Your Horse care

Rules of Feeding

Clean Utensils

first thing you'll need to make sure is that the bucket filled using our key, I'll use a sponge to do this or even ask our works better and obviously you'll need a lot of water to wash them with making sure they'll all the bucket to clean before you feed them it's really important because some remaining old food in the bucket can taste sour which can be bad for picky eaters and put them off their food and obviously it can go moldy if left for long periods of time having clean bucket also prevents any cross-contamination of other foods that other horses might be eating or any other supplements or medication that others might have that could actually be quite dangerous if your bucket is cleaned.

 Feed Little But Often

feed little for oxygen causes a trickle seizures and have a very small stomach around the sides and rough people so they continuously need to be eating roughage to aid with digestion, So horses shouldn't be left any longer than a couple of hours without any food that's why I prefer to keep my horse up in the fields because it's so beneficial boredoms.

Feed Plenty Of Ruffage  

roughage like hay grass and chaff is really important in your horses diet this is because it aids digestion and it also is a really important source of fiber and it also helps to grind down your horse's teeth and at the least 50% of your horse's diet should contain roughage. when feeding substrates like grain you should always feed it with some sort of roughage like a chap especially if your horse bolts down its food as it makes it to it properly and prevents choking if you do decide to feed other greats like grain.

 Feed According To Work

you need to feed according to work if a horse has been hard work you need to make sure that you're feeding it some sort of substrate just give the energy that it cannot obtain from things like grasses or hay especially in the winter when grasses do not have as much sugar and this needs to be maintained to their balanced work so they carry on working at performance that they are at a horse and medium work still need some sort of substrate but probably not as high energy level as a sport in hard work if they are probably only written a few times a week. The horse and light work is probably only written a few times a month and probably doesn't need any or only a little bit of substrate in its diet compared to a horse that is in hard work because they are burning less calories as they are exercising less the need and lower energy level diet

 Feed According to Size Age Temperature and Living Conditions

you should also feed according to size age temperature and living conditions when feeding horses must always have water available this water needs to be clean and kept in a cool dry place as the average horse will drink about 18 liters a day just under five gallons

 Feed Good Quality Forage

Always feed good quality forage you want to have hay that is sweet-smelling has no poisonous plants that easily separates you also want to make sure that our has no dust in it as well your grain should always be kept in somewhere that will keep it dry and cool and make sure that no pests can get to it and nothing can contaminate it and also that it's good quality.

 Feed at the Same Time Each Day

horses are animals of habit and like to have things done at the same time each day due to the size of the stomach's it's also better to give them to small dinners rather than one big one.

 Never Feed Straight Before Exercise or Straight Off The Exercise  

I would recommend waiting an hour before or an hour after exercise before feeding this is really important because when your horse is exercising all the blood is around the horses like muscles in their legs but and they're eating the blood needs to be around their stomach as this helps a digestion and it's not this can cause colic change feed gradually this is because the gut bacteria in your horse of stomach is really sensitive so if you do want to change over the feed I'd recommend putting like a little bit in each day so then they get used to over a few weeks we change them straight over.

 Feed Something Succulents

and finally, feed certain succulents each day as well as fruit and veggies being the central part of the horse's diet as they contain many bitumens and minerals it's also really nice to get your horses treats every now and again and spend time with them which is great for bonding.

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