How to Put on a Headcollar/Halter, Lead and Tie Up a Horse

How to Put on a Headcollar/Halter, Lead and Tie Up a Horse

I'm going to talk you how to put on a hair color leader hauls entire horse up this is actually a really requested article so I've decided to do a beginner series as they don't quite a lot of you have just started out riding and at some riding schools they only teach you how to ride a horse and not so much how to care for a horse so let's get into the article.

The first way an intermedia pony and today I'm going to be using Mickey and you'll also need yourself a head color with the lead rope or if you're from America or a different country from the UK you might call this a halter so I'm here with Mickey his hair color and they're actually two different ways you can put it on the first way is with the buckle on the left hand side here so you just undo the buckle like a normal buckle just gently slide it over his nose lift up the strap on the right hand side over his head and then do up the buckle like a normal buckle I just like to place for look forward so it's all nice and comfy for him and then to take off you do the same thing with the buckle just undo it and slide it off.

The second way is to undo the clasp on the side here and when you actually put on a head color most people do it on the left-hand side because that is the side where the buckle and the clasp is and I always like to just put his fall up though so it's comfy and then do the clasp spot and then it's on and then to take it off it's very easy you just do the same thing I'll do the clasp and slide
it up so when you want to tie up your pony always make sure that you tie them up to some Baker's twine string this means that there is a weak point between the fence and your horse being tied up so if they spook the baler twine will snap and they won't be damaged.

So all have themselves and the first thing you need to do type Google's is making them to loop like so with your baler twine you just want to put the loop through and then with your second and then with your slack piece of string you want to make another name and put that through and then make another leap and put that through until you have one piece of rope which is too short to make an extra loop so you put your last piece of rope through the last loop and pull so it's nice and tight and if there is an emergency all you can do is undo the last piece of rope out of the loop this completely on ties your horse if there is an emergency so you can quickly get away so first you just want to make a loop put the baler twine through and then make a second loop put that through the other loop then make a third loop put that through the next loop and carry on doing that until you have one piece of string which is too short to make a loop you put that through pull so it's nice and tight and if there is emergency all you need to do is take out the last piece of rope and pull.

So when you want to approach your horse in the field always approach them from the side this is because horses are prey animals so their eyes actually on the side of their head so this means they can't actually see directly and in front of them very well so when I approach Mickey I just like to say his name so he knows I'm here so pinky and then just come back to the side of him give it a pass so he knows I'm here and I'd like to put the lead rope around his neck so than one I'm putting his head : I don't have to worry about him running away so when you're leading your horse you want to make sure that you don't wrap the lead rope around your hand this is because if your horse bolts.

You'll then get dragged and it can cause your hand to get rope brush so when I'm leading a horse I like to wear gloves so when you're leading a horse you want to try and stand by their shoulder so you're not dragging them and then they're not dragging you when you want to turn always turn so you're on the outside so you push them around so this makes people leave their horse on the left-hand side this means when you ever want to turn always turn to the right.

When you want to attach your lead rope to the head color you want to attach it to the center ring here at the bottom so once I finished with my hair color lead rope I actually quite like to tie my lead rope into a knot to do this I just attached it to some baler twine so then I had something to pull against so it's a lot easier to do you want to just make a little loop like so and then with the rest of the slack lead rope you like this is really useful especially if you have quite a few of them so they don't get a little tangled they weren't getting lot in and it's just really easy if you want to get your hair color and lead right quickly out of your tack room so all you need to do with the last piece of the rope is just put it through the last loop at the end then pull and there you go your lead rope is then all tied up into a knot you can just attach this to your head color and then you're done.

I hope people really enjoyed this video and that some of you found it quite helpful and if you have any other video requests for my beginners series then comment down below and I'll see you guys.

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