How To Teach Beginner Riders

How To Teach Beginner Riders

Hi I'm Susan welcome to The Lord of Horse today's topic is how to teach a beginner rider


this is a currycomb and its purpose is to get off surface dirt and you do that by brushing in circles this is a hard brush and its purpose is to get off the dirt that you removed with the Carico and you brush in short hard strips this is a soft brush and it's used to smooth and shine the horses hair after removing all of the dirt this is a hoof pick and it's used to get out all of the dirt and stones out of the horse's feet when you pick the hook you want to avoid picking the triangle in the foot which is called the Frog so you pick out everything around it.

Explain Important Knowledge about Confirmation important parts of the horse for a beginner rider to know to include the whole cross shoulder knee cannon bone fetlock withers loins ah stifle ha and huh.

 2-Tacking Up

You backing up his footing on the Saddleback goes right there in the rounded part with the straps goes points in front of the horse the next step attacking up is putting on the saddle I want to be careful when putting on the saddle not to hurt the horseback so I do it very lightly next comes the saddle do it first you want to slide it through this strap to keep the saddle in place and we attach it to the first and the last billet in the saddle then you reach underneath of the horse on the other side to grab it and attach it to the first and last billets on the other side of this battle deser I have a question why don't we use them anyway the middle one is just in case the other two billets great otherwise it doesn't really serve any purpose last step in tagging up is putting on the bridle first thing we do is over the horses and then the cross and attach it then we put on the throat lat what's goes up.


in order to lead the horse first you need to take the reins over the horse's head then beyond next to the horse always on the left side folding over the range so that you don't get twisted in our hands and I place my right hand by the horses now we get on the word first you have to put the reins over the horse's head then we put the stirrups down walk up the mountain block you grab a hold of your reins with your left hand place your left foot and this stir up and swing your other legs over it good.


well, I according to take your enjoy now you're gonna go around the walk with your hands on your head stretching your legs down now proceed into 2-point position coming up on the saddle and driving your horse's name good now to stretch take your inside hand and place it on your inside.

 5-Riding Off of The Lunge Line

Chat and walk and hop hop hop and walk and cancer and sitting trot and halt.

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